Church Fires

On the same evening, two church fires were started deliberately in unconnected locations in Kent, one causing localised damage to the interior of the church and extensive smoke blackening and the second causing extensive damage to the stage and ceiling of a church hall and destruction of the oak plank flooring.

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors were asked by the church to deal with both incidents, assessing the extent of the damage, much of which was caused by fire brigade water and by smoke, and to arrange the necessary repairs in collaboration with the insurance company as quickly as possible.

In the case of the church, a complete redecoration was needed due to smoke damage.   This was costly because of the need for internal scaffold but gave the opportunity to refresh the church colour scheme and to improve the lighting.   Certain exterior works of maintenance were undertaken at the same time and minor schemes of improvement were also discussed.

In the case of the church hall, reinstatement was required in the existing configuration and this necessitated replacement of the hardwood flooring at substantial expense.   The opportunity was taken to refresh the colour scheme, to provide a new enclosed storage area for tables and chairs and to upgrade the kitchen area to modern hygiene standards.