Retaining Wall Collapses

Late on New Year’s Eve a 200 year old eight foot high retaining wall collapsed, landing on the neighbour’s prestige car.

The ownership of the retaining wall was lost to history and both neighbours obtained reliable legal opinion that the wall was not theirs.

The insurers of both properties were approached and also the insurers of the damaged motor car and all disclaimed liability.

Causation had to be established and liability attributed but eventually, under the guidance of Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors, the two neighbouring owners agreed to progress the necessary remedial works jointly and to share the costs equally.

A feasibility exercise was undertaken, considering traditional construction, reinforced concrete, steel piling, gabions, pre-cast units, crib wall and hollow concrete blocks.

Civil and structural engineering advice was procured, a specification agreed upon in consultation with experienced civil contractors, and the works were successfully completed, resulting in an attractive brick finish and the addition of car park lighting.