Office dilapidations

What are office dilapidations?

When a tenant comes to the end of a commercial leasehold agreement with regards to an office tenancy and a dispute arises regarding items of disrepair and destruction, these are called office dilapidations and are best resolved through consulting with a specialist surveyor.

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How will negotiations proceed?

Regardless of whether one surveyor has been agreed upon by both parties and appointed as the joint surveyor, or if each party has appointed their own surveyor, there may be a period of negotiations.

These could include site meetings, appraisal of past case law from the past 100 years, reviewing the contract and to what degree a license for alterations applies.

Budgeting for office dilapidations?

It is advisable that occupiers of commercial property on a leasehold basis should budget for dilapidations in their accounts, particularly if interior alterations are made.

What if you added value to the office?

Valuation advice can be sought under Section 18 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1925.

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