How much does a schedule of dilapidations cost?

Pricing a schedule of dilapidations is straightforward, once the apparent size and direction of the project is known. The complicated part is sizing it up thoroughly and predicting how the project might branch off one way vs another.

How are fees structured for a schedule of dilapidations?

There’s no concrete fee structure, because it's not always possible to know know where a claim is going to go. The path from enquiry to project resolution is never linear as there are so many branches which can be taken at different points in time.

 A schedule of dilapidations is best handled by a Chartered Building Surveyor

Schedule of dilapidations cost (example)

For example, a Metcalfe Briggs Surveyor might quote an initial fixed price for the initial steps, though they might also stipulate in that quote that

if the project goes in the direction of legal mediation, the cost will be X. However, if it goes in the direction of financial negotiations we’ll charge an hourly rate through to resolution.

It might be the landlord or the tenant coming near to the end of their tenancy agreement who contacts Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors initially. They would therefore 'want to serve', or 'have received a' schedule of dilapidations, respectively.

Following an online or phone enquiry, Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors' first action is to ring the individual and go through important and relevant questions in order to understand their leasehold situation from a legal standpoint.

Note: Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors' dilapidations enquiries are usually followed up via phone. regardless of whether the initial enquiry came in via email or phone.

This initial call is free so please request a callback today!

Much depends on contact with the client in order to assess their legal circumstances, before we put together a quote.

The more complex it is, the more Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors would have to charge to cover the time, effort and travel required in bringing the case to suitable resolution.

What makes one dilapidations claim more complex than another?

The complexity of a commercial leasehold dilapidations claim can usually be broken down into:

  1. The complexity of the lease (i.e. all leases are different as they have different covenants and are of different durations)

  2. The complexity of the building (i.e. a 120sqm office would be less complex than a 21-room 17th century hotel, pub and restaurant) 

How does a Chartered Surveyor determine the complexity of the dilapidations?

Surveyors have to make a judgement on complexity before providing a quote for their fees.

As mentioned already, this could be (at least partially) done through an informative phone call with the client and using Satellite / Google Streetview imagery as a proxy for initial inspection of the property.

Following a discussion between a Surveyor and the client to establish the facts and the complexity, a Metcalfe Briggs Chartered Surveyor would attend the site and inspect it.

This would be in order to produce a either a schedule of dilapidations report for the landlord or to respond to a report on behalf of the tenant.

Based on the size of the building, which can't always be established beforehand, Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors' would usually quote a fixed price for that work.

If working on behalf of the landlord the job is to produce the schedule of dilapidations to inform the tenant. If you take a look our leasehold dilapidations service page, you’ll see that described.

If working on behalf of the tenant then the job is to respond on behalf of the tenant. Once again - look at our leasehold dilapidations service page for further info on this.

Although much of what we are discussing on this page relates to residential leasehold dilapidations AND commercial dilapidations, we specialise in commercial leasehold dilapidations work.

Our advice is usually to find a local surveyor, in order to mitigate the costs associated with travel times.

Though Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors' can and quote on work far from South-East England and London, we may not be able to provide as competitive a quote as someone closer to you due to travel. 

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors always aim to quote a competitive price.

So how much would a schedule of dilapidations cost?

If the situation is incredibly straightforward, then you could be looking at some very competitive Chartered Surveyors quoting you around £500 for a schedule of dilapidations.

If the situation is not so straightforward, then you could be looking at several multiples of that figure.

After producing or responding to a schedule of dilapidations there’s a cut off of further work that can be delivered for a client.

There’s usually more work to be done of course, so the client will probably keep contact in order to ask for various pieces of advice on their situation.

What happens after the schedule of dilapidations has been produced (or responded to?)

At such a point the contract can branch in a couple of directions:

Fees would be charged for the following relating to schedule of dilapidations work:

  1. producing the schedule of dilapidations (or responding to it)
  2. project managing agreed remedial work (if relevant)
  3. financial negotiations (if relevant)
  4. legal mediation or other ADR (if relevant)

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