Life Cycle Costing Survey – Estate of purpose built flats – Maidenhead

The development at this Estate in Maidenhead consists of seven blocks of purpose built self-contained flats with a mixed tenure of shared ownership, private sale and social rent.

The three to five storey blocks were constructed c. 2015 with cavity external walls under flat roofs. Externally the walls were finished with a mixture of facing brickwork, through colour render or timber cedar cladding. Windows and doors were coloured pre finished steel and therefore considered virtually maintenance free.

Over the life span of any building it will need some form of maintenance whether this be external decoration, repair or replacement of the materials used in construction.

Our client, a social housing entity, instructed us to inspect each of the blocks and produce a maintenance spend profile over a 60 year period in the form of a life cycle report. This information provided the housing association with the average annual contributions required to set up a sinking fund per block and per flat to ensure that adequate funds were available for maintenance of the building’s life span.