Render Condition Surveys and Maintenance - Docklands

An extensive, modern residential apartment block, the buildings had been finished with a proprietary ‘thin coat’ render system, coloured white. The Directors were concerned that after 10 years the buildings were not keeping their appearance and that many water leaks were reported.

Metcalfe Briggs completed a condition survey of the elevations and roofs found at various levels of the array of buildings. This revealed that the rendering was very dirty and had algae growths in shaded areas; this made the elevations look shabby. We discovered that there were many small cracks in the render due to detailing inadequacies, poor render application and mechanical damage. These issues were scheduled. We discussed the issues with the render manufacturer.

From this we delivered proposals to the Directors for repairs, regular maintenance and cleaning that would restore the appearance of their property. This for a property where it was assumed that no such maintenance was required.