Asset Management Plan

"Planned maintenance is maintenance organized and carried out with forethought, control and the use of records to a predetermined plan."  

(Maintenance of Buildings, College of Estate Management 2007)

An Asset Management Plan (AMP) / Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP) is an invaluable document for anyone with responsibility for Facilities Management. It catalogues maintenance information about your buildings in a readable form. It provides knowledge of when work needs to be done and at what cost. It facilitates planning so that proactive maintenance occurs smoothly rather than inefficiently, starting with a clean sheet of paper every year.

The first step to creating an Asset Management Plan is to understand the current condition of the buildings. This information is provided through a detailed Condition Survey carried out by a Chartered Surveyor.

At Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors we take a Condition Survey as the basis to construct an AMP. We use our knowledge of building materials and construction processes to schedule the maintenance required and when – an Asset Management Plan.

The AMP identifies each building element, describes its condition and the maintenance action required. It assigns every item a priority rating. To each element is added an estimated budget cost using industry accepted cost data sources. Importantly Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors define the timing when the maintenance should occur. This delivers an Asset Management Plan, a tabulated schedule of concise maintenance information.

Metcalfe Briggs Chartered Surveyors takes a methodical approach to this work. Experience, scrutiny and attention to detail at every stage will provide quality information for later use. It is not a tick-box exercise, each AMP is tailored specifically to the buildings involved.

Within the Asset Management Plan report each year has a cost total. This facilitates budget planning year by year so that sufficient funding can be sought. Should there be budget constraints the Asset Management Plan can be used to prioritise the work items to be carried out, knowing their cost. The remainder can then be re-programmed to the following year.

The Asset Management Plan gives a Facilities Manager early visibility of the package of work that is on the agenda during a given year. This means that specifications of works can be made in advance, tenders gained from suitable contractors and decisions taken well ahead of the period when the work should occur.

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