Chartered Party Wall Surveyors

As party wall surveyors, Metcalfe Briggs works in London, Kent, Essex, and throughout the South East UK.

The Party Wall Etc. Act 1996 may apply to you in advance of a commercial or residential, large or small, industrial or office, retail or institutional construction project if:

  • There is work to be done to a shared, separating wall between neighbouring properties.

  • There is to be construction of a structure up to the boundary between neighbouring properties

  • You intend to excavate foundations within 6 metres of a neighbouring property's building.

As a building owner undertaking a construction project you should serve notice on your neighbour should these circumstances apply.  As adjoining (neighbouring) owner to a construction project you may receive a notice in respect of a party wall matter.

To understand whether a construction project has party wall implications and the procedures to be followed, please contact us for an informal discussion and for assistance.

If you receive a Notice from your neighbour then contact a Party Wall surveyor immediately as you only have 14 days to react to the Notice as the Adjoining Owner.

At Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors we are regularly instructed by Building Owners and Adjoining Owners to conduct their Party Wall formalities for them. We are always happy to receive preliminary enquiries at a stage when works are first being planned.

Apart from our work as party wall surveyors, we have a wide portfolio of surveying services that we provide for clients throughout London, Kent & Essex.

If you would like to speak to us regarding a Party Wall matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.