Chartered Surveyors for Commercial Property

Whether purchasing or leasing a property for business or retail purposes clients are well advised to have a clear understanding of the facilities they intend to acquire. During the use of a building, right up until disposal upon sale or vacation at the end of a lease there are building survey matters that if addressed will save time and money.

Pre-acquisition Building Survey

Prior to purchase or signing a lease we will provide a Building Survey report which describes a building's construction and condition, details latent defects or any items that require attention, and highlights any contractual issues. This gives clients a view of their proposed investment and any exposure to likely costs. Dependant on the planned usage we will also give advice on fitting out costs so that a business has knowledge of the outlay they can expect during their start up.

Condition Survey

Whether freehold or leasehold possession, understanding the external and internal condition of your buildings can mitigate costly repairs later or the receipt of an expensive schedule of dilapidations. A typical Condition Survey report describes each element of the building and its condition, recommends any required action and gives an indication of budget and timescale. This provides an ideal platform for maintenance planning, prioritisation and budgeting so that the building can be maintained on a timely basis.

Commercial & Retail Property Dilapidations

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors is equally adept acting for the landlord or tenant at the end of a lease. Our advice is underpinned by a detailed study of the lease and licenses. Our schedules of dilapidations are methodically and rigorously prepared and the claim diligently pursued. Claims are robustly defended taking account of the PLA protocol and case law seeking initially to undermine or dismiss the claim and only getting into detailed negotiation if the claim is unavoidable. We are always realistic in what can be achieved taking account of LTA S18(1) and the Leasehold Property Repairs Act and we don’t lose sight of the cost in fees of achieving it.

Party Walls

If you intend carrying out building work on or near the wall, foundations or boundary adjoining a neighbouring property you may be subject to Party Wall procedures. As clients are becoming more aware of their rights and obligations we frequently receive Party Wall related instructions from building occupiers or from neighbouring owners. Using the Party Wall etc. Act 1996 we ensure that procedures are followed, recording the condition of the neighbouring property and leading to publication of a Party Wall Award. Normally this facilitates a trouble free project but if not we use the provisions of the Act to bring matters to a close. Early involvement can ensure that Party Wall issues are addressed at design stage.

If you would like to speak to us regarding any building related matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.