Estimating Cost for Schedule of Dilapidations - Ashford

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors, acting for the tenant of an Ashford, Kent warehouse unit, were asked to advise on the contemplated assignment of the lease.

Naturally, the firm considering taking the assignment wanted to know the financial costs of the dilapidations liability that they would be taking on and Metcalfe Briggs put forward a proposed figure.

Our client wished for a firm figure having received a Schedule of Dilapidations from his landlord.

Metcalfe Briggs advised that the landlord’s Schedule of Dilapidations, costed at £108,000, was high and it was possible to negotiate a reduced settlement at £36,000 which, in turn, enabled the lease assignment to proceed at a figure close to that envisaged by the assignee.

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