Social Landlord Leasehold Dilapidations Survey - Kent

In 1914 a family trust created a lease of 99 years’ duration at a rent of £3 for a row of six tenanted cottages in Kent to provide accommodation under the Housing of the Working Classes Acts 1890-1909 – i.e. social housing.

Over the years the lease was assigned several times but on approaching expiry there was a need to assess dilapidations both for cottages which had become vacant and for cottages which were still occupied and where the tenants were hoping to remain after the lease had reverted to the landlord.

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors acting for the Registered Social Landlord leaseholder, conducted a survey of the exterior and interior condition and decoration, assessed the extent of dilapidations liability under the lease and negotiated an agreed financial sum with the landlord in order to negotiate an early surrender of the lease and to ensure a smooth transition for the remaining residents.

The requirements of the public funding body for social housing had to be taken into account and, ultimately, the Social Landlord leaseholder decided to undertake repairs themselves and to hand the properties back at lease expiry in good repair, having taken advantage of standing arrangements with framework contractors in order to carry out the necessary repairs economically.