Schedule of Condition

A schedule of condition (SOC) is a building ‘snap shot’.  For example if there is adjacent demolition or there is construction work to be done to a property, it is wise to record the condition of a building before work begins, so that it can be subsequently decided if any damage that appears is attributable to the works or not.  Our experience is that many building owners now insist that a SOC is completed so that their interests are protected.  In our opinion a SOC of is equal importance to a contractor to ensure that unfounded claims are not made against them.

A schedule of condition is of use if a building lease is being taken, assigned or sub-leased.  It is a wise precaution to record in detail the condition of the premises being entered into.  It may highlight issues that should be negotiated before final agreement.  Together with appropriate lease drafting it will provide a baseline against which end of lease dilapidations can be compared so that the true picture of disrepair can be established.

A schedule of condition is a key document for adjoining owners when a building owner intends to carry out work under the Party Wall etc. Act 1996.  We act for the building owner or adjoining owner under this circumstance to make sure a proper record is made.  Even if it is found a Party Wall Award is not essential, on a neighbourly basis we recommend that a SOC is carried out to protect the interests of the parties

A schedule of condition is carried out at a detailed level.  Both internally and externally each element is inspected, described and its condition recorded.  Photographs are taken to support the written record.  Our schedule of condition is presented in a way that is logical and readable.  This makes it easy to recall a particular building element and compare the state of repair at a later date.