Building Condition Surveys

What is a condition survey?

A condition survey is a detailed inspection of a building in order to establish its maintenance and repair condition at that time. It is done at a level that surveys each building element, describing it and providing detail of its current state.

However, it would be wrong to assume that if a building is in fair condition this is an exercise of little worth.

The value of a condition survey

A condition survey not only provides information for maintenance work that is required immediately - all buildings require maintenance to their fabric over time.

This survey also gives an indication of when future repairs, maintenance, decoration and renewal of each part of the building should be anticipated.

A condition survey gives visibility of future maintenance commitments that are likely.

Why carry out a condition survey?

Normally, a condition survey is used as the basis to complete a Planned Maintenance Programme (PMP). A PMP is a schedule of the maintenance required for each building element, prioritised, with a budgeted cost and timing, year by year.

Metcalfe Briggs Surveyors is well versed in completing condition surveys.

Our condition survey reports

Our approach is building specific; we do not use prescribed templates or carry out a tick-box exercise.

This, we find, provides our clients with a report which is tailored to their property, which is much more useful.

It is our view that a condition survey is an investment - it anticipates a building’s maintenance and the associated financial commitment required, rather than far more expensive reactive maintenance.

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